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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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Fatigue, drowsiness, inflammations, and excessive activity of the heart, all these precede a decrease of psychic energy. SMD2 277.

It is known that even recently important glands were still overlooked. Similarly, even at present, people do not think about psychic energy. AUM 393.


Purity also requires vitality of the glands. AY 172.


The membranes and the somatic structure of the glands open them to fire, therefore sensitivity of the glands is beneficial. AY 379.


I approve of your gathering the evidences of psychic energy and of the corresponding glands. FW1 211.


During anger and other negative emotions, which not only cause the contraction of the blood vessels but also paralyzes of the individual nerves, these electric currents (psychic energy), which flow through them form the sympathetic nervous system, break, and thus "the electric nourishment" of the glands producing the internal secretions (on whose normal activity depends the life of the organism) ceases, and the latter fail to work as is necessary for our health.


In our cellular substance that surrounds the nucleus, there are chromosomes and so-called chondriosomes. These elements are, according to their properties, the receptors of various electric waves, as it were, which come partly from the depths of Cosmic Space and, of course, they vibrate mainly upon our psychic energy. The whole life of the organism, according to Lakhovsky, depends upon the vibrations of these chromosomes and chondriosomes, the receivers of the electric waves. The retardation or cessation of the electric vibrations that go through them signifies disease and death.


Thus, the moral Teachings acquire a completely unexpected biological foundation. And the significance of psychic energy, which is basically Fohatic, is thus affirmed. Fohat, as we know, is cosmic electricity, or the Primary Energy, which reveals itself in various stages on the plane of manifestation. Now you will also understand how beneficial are the vibrations that are sent by the Great Teacher during an illness. LHR2.


It is good to be in the sunshine, but the starlit sky also brings harmony to the nerves. The moon, on the contrary, is not for us. The moon's pure light affects the prana. The magnetism of the moon is great, but for repose it is not good. Often the moon evokes fatigue, like people who devour one's vital energy. The manifestation of miraculous power increases during moonlight.


A pure prana must respond to the attraction, otherwise there is no miracle but a destruction of the vital treasure trove. While resting it is good to laugh, for the thyroid gland is purified by laughter. To purify the glands is a primary duty. LOMG2, 4.


Urusvati knows that, although the symptoms are similar, there is a difference between the process of the discharge of psychic energy and its unexpected disturbance. In the first instance, irritation of the mucous membranes is linked to the increased discharge of psychic energy, which occurs during an intensification of mental activity. Likewise, a long-distance sending of energy causes tension in the glands and tissues, which are particularly affected when the cosmic currents are unfavorable.


However, the disruption of psychic energy is not always caused by mental overwork; it may also be the result of emotional shocks or grief, or even unexpected fortunate or unfortunate events. Threatening world events may thus cause epidemics, whose diverse symptoms may be ascribed to heart disease, colds, and stomach disorders, but whose true cause—the disruption of psychic energy—is overlooked. An increase in nervous ailments may also be noted during such epidemics, but people do not realize that ultimately all illnesses are related to the nervous system. And the treatment in all cases must be not only physical, but also spiritual. A calm striving toward lofty ideals is needed, and the quiet repetition of Solomon’s saying, “And this too shall pass.” If this kind of internal suggestion is not sufficient, outside suggestion can also be applied.


In addition, you already know some useful remedies, such as nux vomica, arsenium, ferrum, and, of course, our old friend, valerian, and, in cases of fatigue, musk. Warm baths are always beneficial. There are other remedies that depend on the particular bodily system that is affected. One can relieve the symptoms of psychic disturbance in all its phases. Such increases in disease deserve immediate attention, since all illness connected with the nerve centers can spread quickly and should be checked. Ignorance of causes always leads to bad results. And if one adds to all this the various kinds of self-poisoning, a sad picture emerges. SMD3, 495.


When a physician prohibits a man who has lost his equilibrium from working mentally, he acts unwisely. There are well-known examples of experienced physicians who, on the contrary, intensified the activity of psychic energy. Indeed, such healers must possess a considerable store of psychic energy in order to discern the domain of knowledge to which to direct the patient.


Fatigue is harmful, while tension is vitalizing. But the boundary line between these conditions is very intricate. Experienced physicians who refine their own psychic energy can indicate the measure of useful tension. AUM 482.


Can a yogi feel fatigue? Of course he can; he can even become ill. But he will know that a new store of energy must then be gathered. He will know where energy was overspent and will, without losing equanimity, make use of valerian and musk.


It is a joy to know that our bodily apparatus can obtain the needed restorative energy. Fatigue from the past is happiness for the future. A new reinforcement of energy is always an advance over the past. AY 241.


Notice how much one's psychic energy is affected by one's physical habits. AY 500.


Let us agree on the meaning of the concept of rest. Around this concept a multitude of false and harmful interpretations have clustered. People have become accustomed to think that rest is inaction; in this way it has become transformed into psychic enfeeblement. Inaction is most corruptive for psychic energy. Each spiritual immobility will fatigue, not regenerate.


Physicians prescribe rest, quiet, all kinds of inaction, and assume that in a moribund state it is possible to restore strength. But these same physicians understand that weakness and collapse result from violation of equilibrium. Thus, rest is nothing but equilibrium. But equilibrium is a proportionate tension of energy. Only thus is it possible to restore and strengthen one's forces. It is of no consequence whether equilibrium be acquired in desert or city the main requisite is constant tension. The path of tension is the path of striving, that is to say, the path of life.


The incompetent physician warns against expenditure of strength, but strength is dissipated through lack of equilibrium. Truly, then, equilibrium will be the best, the only panacea. A sensible use of fresh air is worthy of consideration as an assisting expedient, but this does not require a long period of time. Let the concept of rest be rightly understood for the manifestation of Brotherhood. Unrest begets aimless bustle. BRO 44.


People will talk about fatigue or indisposition, or about a certain frame of mind, but a reaction to the fiery element will not be mentioned. Actually, people do not picture to themselves that they are surrounded by Fire, which acts upon their primary energy. It would seem necessary to esteem everything which can strengthen the primary energy. BRO 203.


People are especially fearful of overtiring the brain, but this is absurd because thought cannot cause excessive fatigue. Mental disease is caused by numerous other excesses. Smoking, drinking, sexual overindulgence, lack of sleep, overeating, irritation, a wearying depression, envy, treason, and many horrors of darkness cause the overstrain which is ascribed to mental labors. As a prophylactic force, thought not only does not occasion fatigue but contributes to the interchange of higher substances. To blame thought for overfatigue is equivalent to expulsion of Agni from the heart. FW1 646.


The fatigue and, often, the sense of anguish are explained by the division of spirit. INF 263.


Fatigue, drowsiness, inflammations, and excessive activity of the heart, all these precede a decrease of psychic energy. SMD2 277.


We always warn against such excessive fatigue. But, although many earthly illnesses are the result of such excessive tension of psychic energy, it is impossible to free a thinking being from the tension that accompanies the battle with the dark forces. SMD2 278.


Chronic fatigue syndrome/M.E.

CFS can be debilitating

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), also known as M.E., is a condition with a diverse range of symptoms but particularly characterised by profound muscle fatigue after physical exertion.

Some doctors have been sceptical as to whether ME/CFS exists as a real disease or is "all in the mind".


However, this controversy should have been effectively ended by a report from the Chief Medical Officer for England in 2002, which concluded that ME/CFS is a genuine and disabling condition.


CFS and ME are also classified by the World Health Organisation as neurological disorders. In 2004, the Department of Health announced £8.5 million of ring-fenced funding for new specialist services to deal with ME/CFS.


Fifty such services are now in the process of opening or are being developed. And the Medical Research Council has recognised that further research into the illness is urgently required.


Who gets it?


It is estimated that between 0.2% and 0.4% of the population have ME/CFS. The illness affects all social classes, ethnic groups, and is twice as common in women.


ME/CFS can occur at any age, even in children as young as seven. The commonest age of onset is between the early twenties and mid forties.


How do I know I have ME/CFS?


Chronic fatigue is an extremely common reason for people consulting their doctor but only a very small proportion will end up with a diagnosis of ME/CFS.


The main features are an overwhelming feeling of fatigue that follows any form of physical exertion along with problems involving memory and concentration.


ME/CFS should not be used as a diagnosis for people who just feel 'tired all the time'.


Other common symptoms include:


muscle pain and/or twitching

joint pain but without swelling or tenderness

on-going flu-like feelings

headaches which may be migrainous in character

problems with balance

unrefreshing sleep pattern

sore throats

enlarged glands

intolerance of temperatures extremes

alcohol intolerance

postural hypotension (low blood pressure)

sensitivity to bright light and loud noise

Depression, which is often related to the debilitating effects of ME/CFS and the social problems it creates, sometimes occurs as the illness progresses.


A large number of other illnesses can cause ME/CFS-like symptoms.


These include anaemia, coeliac disease, liver disease, lupus, low thyroid function, and multiple sclerosis.


So the initial medical assessment must always include a wide range of blood tests to exclude other possible causes of persisting fatigue.


ME/CFS can also overlap with conditions such as fibromyalgia (widespread pain in the muscles and joints) and irritable bowel syndrome.


What causes it?


Although the basic underlying cause remains uncertain, research suggests that ME/CFS is probably a three stage illness involving predisposing, precipitating and perpetuating factors.


Predisposing factors include a genetic susceptibility, and there is evidence that ME/CFS is more common in some families.


Precipitating factors include infections, particularly flu-like episodes. Immunisations and pesticide exposure also appear to trigger the illness in a small number of cases.


Perpetuating factors involve hormonal, immunological and neurological abnormalities.


These appear to triggered by the initiating infection.


As a result there are changes in various hormones and brain chemical transmitters, as well as control mechanisms in the brain which regulate sleep, activity, temperature control, and blood pressure.


www. What is CFS/ME?

Don't be fooled by the name. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS, also known as M.E. or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) is a serious and debilitating illness that can last for years, and sometimes for life. The latest research suggests that the symptoms of CFS may be caused - at least in part - by a continuing immune response to a real or perceived challenge. Symptoms of CFS include overwhelming exhaustion, both physical and cognitive, memory and concentration impairment, an intense 'flu like feeling, muscle pain, sleep disturbance, headaches, disturbance of balance and other symptoms. There is no effective treatment for CFS, so correct management of the illness plays an important role.


How common is chronic fatigue?

Feeling tired is common. One in five men, and one in three women will say they feel tired most of the time. If you work long hours, have family problems, and are suffering from stress, it is quite common to feel tired. However, only a few people really have the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Another name for the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is Myalgic Encephalitis (or ME for short).




Definition of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

CFS is defined as -

"Severe disabling fatigue which lasts at least 6 months, made worse by minimal physical or mental exertion, and for which there is no adequate medical explanation."




Criteria for diagnosis

Here are guidelines for diagnosing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.


A feeling of fatigue (severe tiredness) is the main symptom

There is a definite time when it began, and not a lifelong feeling of tiredness

Fatigue is severe, disabling, and affects your physical and mental function

Fatigue should persist for 6 months or more, and be present 50% of the time

Other symptoms often occur, especially myalgia (muscle aches), mood and sleep disturbance, can occur - but fatigue is the main symptom

There should be no other medical reason for fatigue (no heart problems, chest problems, or other medical problems which cause fatigue)




Common Symptoms

An overwhelming feeling of tiredness is the main symptom. This varies from day to day, but is present more than half the time. The tiredness is so disabling, as to make it impossible to continue normal physical and mental activities.

Other common symptoms are as follows


muscle aches and pains, especially after physical exertion

feeling depressed and emotional poor sleep, difficulty getting off to sleep, frequent wakings, and not feeling refreshed after sleep nausea and loss of appetite a recurrent sore throat, feeling of enlarged glands in the neck which come and go running a slightly high temperature for no apparent reason

feeling of faintness and dizziness. www.



December 2005.

Jeremy Condick.

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